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New Space for health revolution in drugs, cells, and therapies

What is the mission of Space Pharma?
SpacePharma’s mission is to leverage the miniaturized microgravity lab technology, enabling unprecedented possibilities to develop new drugs and therapies in space.

What does Space Pharma offer?
SpacePharma is developing spaceborne laboratories for life sciences and health applications. The laboratories are controlled remotely through user terminals, which allow to command and control experiments, as well as to receive all experiment information. SpacePharma carries out advanced technology development in mechanics, electronics, electro-optics, communications, as well as in microfluidics and biotechnology for the SpacePharma laboratory.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
SpacePharma creates miniaturized research laboratories, based on micro-/milli-fluidics technology, for use in a variety of different platforms from on-ground simulators, through parabolic flights, to nanosatellites and Space Stations. SpacePharma has proprietary end-to-end software for the operation and control of miniature laboratories that sends results back to the scientist on-ground who is operating the experiment and allows them to make changes to experiment operation based on those results. SpacePharma has a customizable off the shelf system for fluid handling in the microgravity environment. In addition, the company also offers its customers initial environmental testing to mitigate risks for failure in space flight which is composed of a few types of microgravity simulators.

What are the applications?
Proven applications of the SpacePharma laboratory in space include protein crystallization, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells, microbiology, aging, fluid physics, cancer and other diseases, as well as cosmetics and food tech. SpacePharma laboratory allows accelerated preclinical trials in drug development without the use of animals.

How is Space Pharma supporting the UN SDGs?Through SpacePharma’s products space microgravity can be used to develop innovative drugs and therapies as well as new sustainable food processes.

GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


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