We believe Space can do more for Earth

Space4Impact wants to maximize the positive impact of Space technologies on Earth by linking New Space companies to non-space markets. The goal is to internationally boost the growing New Space Economy in line with the UN SDGs.

The Space4Impact Ecosystem brings together governmental and non-governmental organisations, investors, corporates, and New Space entrepreneurs. Space4Impact created a digital ecosystem platform to help corporates, investors and organisations, who want to integrate disruptive solutions, innovate and accelerate their impact sustainably by learning, conducting open innovation challenges and initiating pilot projects with startups and News Space companies


    The New Space sector is a fast-growing market, boosting the historical institutional Space exploration programs into commercial applications. Bryce Space & Technology and Morgan Stanley estimates that the roughly $366 billion global Space industry in 2019 could surge to over $1 trillion by 2040At the same time, Space applications, such as Earth Observation (EO) and geolocation, increasingly play a key role when it comes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    The current growth in the development of Space infrastructures and production of data from Space is opening a full range of new applications with even more new business opportunities. This trend is difficult to follow for non-Space companies and investors, due to the lack of education/knowledge transfer, as well as the difficulties for New Space companies to reach the right customer for their products.



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