Safely integrating drones into the air traffic

What is the mission of Involi?
The increasing traffic in the airspace as well as the exponential growth of drone users has given rise to more and more complex situations, especially at lower altitudes and in uncontrolled areas. INVOLI creates the bridge between airplane world and drone world, making for the lack of information, infrastructure and regulation.

What does Involi offer?
Involi offers the definitive solution for airplanes and drones to safely share the airspace, avoid collision and respect the law. Its main differentiation comes from its ability to provide low-altitude air traffic data unavailable otherwise through its own network of on-the-ground receivers, comprehensively detecting manned air traffic even below 400ft/150m.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Involi install air traffic sensors onto existing infrastructure (rooftops, telecom antennas, etc.) with signal validation for real-time air traffic awareness. On top of ground-based installations, Involi integrates GNSS and weather satellite data.

What are the applications?
This hardware-software solution allows an unprecedented air traffic awareness to drone operators.

How is Involi supporting the UN SDGs?
The deployment of drones can lower the emissions in urban environments either via the use of non-fossil fuel dependent vehicles. Use of drone delivery can contribute to decreasing traffic congestion thus reducing air pollution and noise. Sensors on-board drones will provide data for municipalities to prepare decisions informed by the environmental footprint sampled by on-board sensors and take measures to improve quality of urban environment, e.g. detection of overheated urban surface can lead to planting more greenery, and detection of systematically occurring air pollution can lead to measures decreasing the intensity of pollution. Particularly on large-scale logistics, have the potential to remove a significant number of vehicles from the roads and, as a result, have a positive impact on the environment.

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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