Snow monitoring through near real-time space data

What is the mission of WeGaw?
Water inflow prediction for hydropower appliances has up to 20% error when estimating spring melt runoff volume. This generates up to 6 million EUR loses per basin yearly.

WeGaw monitors snow and water resources through near real-time space data processing. Combining satellite imagery, weather and ground data with machine learning we monitor snow melt worldwide daily, helping hydropower companies correct the water inflow prediction error in up to 15%.

What does WeGaw offer?
WeGaw value to hydro power is coming both from cutting edge snow monitoring technology based on satellite data and the ecosystem on water and snow management.

WeGaw is proposing proof of concept on this innovative snow melt monitoring product with 2 leading companies in Switzerland and Spain, helping them not only to optimize their hydropower assets in snow prone locations, but helping them to improve their models by adapting better to climate change.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
WeGaw combines satellite remote sensing and weather forecast/observation data with Machine Learning in order to obtain a daily, global Snow Cover Extent (SCE) and Snow Depth (SD) dataset. The pre-processing, detection, fusion and stitching steps are executed using near real-time satellite images different constellations: Sentinel, MODIS and VIRSS

What are the applications?
With a $ 1+ Billion total market opportunity, WeGaw is helping hydropower companies navigate the new paradigm for water inflow prediction based on satellite image processing.

How is WeGaw supporting the UN SDGs?
WeGaw helps hydropower companies in better adapting to climate change, by helping them adjusting water inflow models with near real-time snow data. On one end this helps reducing water spill for hydropower and water utilities, and on the other hand, makes clean energy like hydropower more cost effective, by helping energy companies reduce water inflow forecast error by 15%.

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
GOAL 13: Climate Action

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