Earth Observation for demographics and public health

What is the mission of SpaceSur?
SpaceSUR is specialized in software engineering and solutions applied to the entire aerospace cycle, from the development of satellites and complex systems, to the implementation of geospatial solutions with high added value for different industries.

What does SpaceSur offer?
Currently, SpaceSUR is working on EO4Demographics, an advanced Earth Observation based Population Estimation Solution for an efficient vaccination campaign in developing nations. The goal is to assess the spatial distribution of the target population, including children, new-borns and pregnant women, for vaccination campaigns in several health districts.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
SpaceSUR uses an EO-based methodology for the estimation of demographic variables, using satellite imagery, Computer Vision, ancillary data, micro-census surveys, and statistical modelling. The company is specialized in downstream services and uses satellite data provided by Planet, Maxar, Airbus, Deimos, and Head. Additionally, it is developing knowledge on accessing and processing Copernicus data and the DIAS platform.

What are the applications?
EO4Demographics has been successfully piloted in Mozambique and Chad for UNICEF. In the future, SpaceSUR wants do apply its EO-based methodology in various fields, such as health and humanitarian aid, oil, gas, and mining, agriculture and forestry, government, smart cities, and infrastructure, early warning and emergency response, as well as defence and security.

How is SpaceSur supporting the UN SDGs?
The EO4Demograpics solution applies widely to the UN SDG 3 2030 target. Developing countries generally do not have reliable civil or health records. Herd immunity is achieved by immunization of a high percentage of population. For this percentage to be accurately calculated reliable population figures are crucial.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


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