AI-powered satellite infrastructure analysis

What is the mission of Spacept?
Spacept aims to use AI for space data analytics to protect infrastructure and to save lives, whilst mitigating climate change.

What does Spacept offer?
Spacept is a SaaS company that specializes in computer vision analysis of large image datasets through AI. The company offers elaborate threat assessments for infrastructure by using powerful ML algorithms to detect and inspect potential risks. Additionally, using an ML-enhanced change detector they map natural disaster damage for insurance purposes and detect offshore oil spills by monitoring millions of square kilometres of land and ocean weekly.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Spacept uses satellite images from the latest satellite constellations and leverages the latest breakthroughs in AI through an open innovation business model. The company uses a combination of proprietary supervised and semi-supervised computer vision models.

What are the applications?
AI-powered automated satellite analysis can be applied to monitor infrastructure on a large scale and reduce the global CO2 emission by reducing the need of inspection means that burn fossil fuels. Potential customers include powerline, trainline and pipeline operators, oil & gas companies, or natural disaster insurance companies.

How is Spacept supporting the UN SDGs?Spacept is contributing to the UN SDGs by contribution to the society protection and reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, the company’s technology helps to understand the risk of fires sparked by falling trees and storms. Finally, they also contribute to the innovation by reducing time and costs for infrastructure inspection.

GOAL 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 13: Climate Action


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