Satellite vu

Thermal intelligence for better decisions

What is the mission of Satellite Vu?
Satellite Vu will monitor the temperature of buildings in near real time using a new satellite technology to determine valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint.

What does Satellite Vu offer?
Satellite Vu plans to launch and operate a small infrared (IR) satellite constellation that can measure heat emissions from every structure on the planet to enable better business decisions. Their goal is to create a satellite system and platform as a source of satellite data, while offering proprietary applications to address the end-user’s needs.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Satellite Vu’s technology consists of unique IR satellite sensors, which collect precise thermal images with a high resolution of 3-4 m. The IR imagery is processed with proprietary algorithms to create products for applications in energy efficiency and economic activity monitoring.

What are the applications?
Satellite Vu’s unique IR data provides valuable insight into where energy is consumed and an indication of the intensity. This technology could assist the daily decision making of asset owners who have Net Zero Carbon targets or rating agencies that may need alternative data for sustainability verification. Other beneficiaries could be financial institutions and insurances that value insights into economic activity.

How is Satellite Vu supporting the UN SDGs?Heat emissions can be used to track the pattern of life and map the performance of cities and infrastructure. This can be used to measure population and housing parameters on building quality, consumption of fuel, measure heat/cold stress, identify empty dwellings, productivity, microclimates and agriculture performance. How these metrics change over time can both indicate the effects of climate change, identify assets at risk, identify targets to mitigate against climate change, and monitor effectiveness of mitigation actions.

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
GOAL 13: Climate Action
GOAL 15: Life on Land

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