Logistics Intelligence for Optimal Operation

What is the mission of OBUU?
There is a need to use new mathematical methods for stock logistics optimisation of manufacturers and operators, in order to reduce costs and to implement lean strategies. OBUU is a data-driven software, that uses operational data from logistics processes to analyse and improve the efficiency of the complete supply chain.

What does OBUU offer?
OBUU has developed an advanced logistic intelligence software tool capable of defining cost vs. efficiency master curves to optimizes multi-echelon logistic system and run future scenario simulations.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Similar processes are already used for the maintenance of ESA Columbus module. The main factors in space being that:

– Space mission are multi-echelon systems

– Spares are very expensive

– Storage volume is limited in space

What are the applications?
OBUU’s ability to predict when and where spare parts will be needed is essential to manage stock optimisation. The stock optimisation process can be applied in different industries:

– aerospace industry

– railway industry

– renewable energies

– space missions

One example in the aerospace industry: every time an aircraft is on the ground, it turns from a money maker to a money pit, therefore a good spare parts management strategy is vital for fleet performance to ensure that repair times are minimised and therefore that the fleet availability is maximised.

How is OBUU supporting the UN SDGs?

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy – Reducing systems maintenance costs and therefore overall costs.

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure –Logistics intelligence innovation in asset management across multiple industries improving operational efficiency

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