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Manastu space

Green Propulsion System

What is the mission of Manastu Space?
Manastu Space wants to contribute to a sustainable access to space by offering a safer and more affordable way of Space exploration, allowing humanity to realize the full potential of Space to solve the problems on Earth.

What does Manastu Space offer?
Manastu Space is building a safer and more efficient (green) propulsion system for satellites that helps to drastically reduce the cost of operation. Due to the higher performance, the size of the satellite is also reduced, saving manufacturing as well as launch costs.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Manastu Space, along with IIT Bombay, developed a hydrogen peroxide based green propulsion technology. The company’s thruster –  a propulsive device used by spacecraft – works on the principles of a rocket engine with the key difference being the internal design. This advanced propulsion system for satellites uses a hydrogen peroxide with additives (HPA) to enhance the performance, making it 25% more efficient and safer compared to other fuels and engines.

What are the applications?
Green propulsion technology can be used for a large number of applications, these include satellite propulsion, lander propulsion system for interplanetary missions, reaction control system for rockets and missiles, launch vehicle propulsion system, and liquid apogee motor for satellites. Non-space applications could be in the petrochemical industry, car industry (hydrogen fuel cell), fuel cell industry, and catalyst industry.

How is Manastu Space supporting the UN SDGs?
Manastu Space can contribute to the good-health and well-being on Earth by replacing old, low performing, carcinogenic and highly toxic hydrazine based propulsion systems with high-performance, non-carcinogenic, less toxic alternatives, which are not only more sustainable, but also safe.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being



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