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Edge computing software for today’s data hungry world

What is the mission of Klepsydra?
Klepsydra wants to bring embedded software engineering up to speed in order to build advanced autonomous applications in a more efficient and reliable manner.

What does Klepsydra offer?
Klepsydra has developed an advanced software framework for edge computing applications providing best-in-class data processing performance, whilst significantly reducing latency and power consumption. Inspired by the fastest software in the market, high frequency trading, Klepsydra provides lightweight and platform independent software products packaged in an easy-to-use software development toolkit.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Klepsydra Software is perfectly fitted for Space system given its low power consumption and high data rate processing. This software framework addresses pressing edge computing challenges for Space applications, such as unmet power requirements and significant software failures in advanced Space missions.

What are the applications?
Klepsydra is a cross-industry enabler, making faster and easier innovation development processes possible and contributing to achieve the most challenging goals through superior performance in different fields, such as space, aerospace, smart mobility, automotive, industrial robotics, and IoT industries.

How is Klepsydra supporting the UN SDGs?
Klepsydra Software has a direct positive environmental impact by reducing the CPU energy consumption by up to 30% and extending the lifetime of existing equipment by up to 30%. Its large-scale use will thus increase the energy efficiency of the embedded systems while reducing the pace of electronic waste generation. As a key enabler for innovation, Klepsydra is further in alignment with the UN SDGs. By accelerating development times and reducing development cost up to 50%, speeding up data processing by 40%, and increasing the predictability in space and AV applications by 90%, the solution can boost the development of new sustainable and green applications. In addition, Klepsydra Software allows to 1) increase the efficiency of the transport system (both from an energy and a performance perspective), as well as to 2) facilitate the development and adoption of automated and connected multimodal mobility and smart traffic management systems, by enabling real-time decision making for safety and critical systems at the edge.

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

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