Healable and Sustainable composites

What is the mission of CompPair?
CompPair extend the life time of composite structures, bringing circular economy to space industry.

What does CompPair offer?
CompPair provides smart prepregs (preimpregnated textiles) semi-products integrating a novel chemistry and compatible with existing production lines of structural composite materials. These new materials enable repeated damage healing, usage as resistant and lightweight materials and easier recycling at the end-of-life. Reducing maintenance costs, increasing products lifetime and improving global sustainability while keeping standard specifications are the opportunities they provide to the composites industry.

What is the Space Tech behind it?
Composite materials, thanks to their high strength to weight ratio, are of high interest in space shuttles, launchers and satellites components. Damage events into composites are deeply present in space and can be highly critical in some situations ranging from production, to handling, to ballistic impact.

What are the applications?
CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to reduce repair time from hours to minutes and improve circularity.

Composite materials are widely used in many industries including space applications. The global composite market is of $ 83 billion and grew 40% since 2014. However, a major limitation of composites is their sensitivity to damage; they are brittle, by design, due to the resin properties. Current repair solutions are costly and time consuming; and recycling is still nowadays almost inexistent. CompPair tackles these composite limitations, and leads a paradigm change for the industry.

How is CompPair supporting the UN SDGs?
The vision of CompPair is to provide full circularity to the composites industry. Life-cycle analysis of models for circular economy of composites, including reuse, repair, refurbish and recovery of parts, demonstrated resources reduction of at least 50%. CompPair is thus fully in-line and contributing to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, as well as 7 and 9.

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
GOAL 13: Climate Action

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